contactusTony Porter Fabrications offers modern and maintained premises and equipment to complete your project including

  • Hydraulic Pressbrake (8’ x 80 ton)
  • Hydraulic Guillotine 2.4 x 4mm
  • All welding & Fabrications equipment
  • Fully equipped site Trucks and Trailers
  • CNC Lathe
  • Cold Press
  • Drill Press
  • Storage capability (on request)

ACCREDITATION with ASSDA (click here)

contactusTony Porter Fabrications has undertaken assessment and annual review to remain an accredited Stainless Steel Technical Supplier under the AUSTRALIAN STAINLESS STEEL DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION (ASSDA).

As the peak industry body, ASSDA is taking the lead to safeguard the reputation of stainless steel and the integrity of members' work. ASSDA Accreditation gives asset owners and specifiers greater certainty that applications using stainless steel will be performed by technically competent industry specialists.

assdaThe ASSDA Accreditation Scheme is designed to establish a benchmark for stainless steel fabricators to become recognised providers (ASSDA Accredited Fabricators) of a standardised level of quality –the benefits include:

  • a reassurance that the job will be properly specified and trouble free
  • encourage a consistently high standard through industry self-regulation
  • protect end users from exposure to inexperienced fabricators entering the industry
  • provides a list of industry-recognised and quality stainless steel specialists with competent, professionally trained tradespeople
  • consistent and reliable advice on design and maintenance
  • fabrication work performed to industry best practice standards


contactusAdditional to diversity of metals suppliers, Tony Porter Fabrications has an established supplier network to assist with end to end management of your project whether large or small, such as:

  • Light or Heavy Fabrication Contractors
  • CNC Machining
  • 3D CAD Design
  • Laser Cutting
  • Galvanising
  • Powdercoating
  • Fibre Composites
  • Panel & Paint
  • Mechanical
  • Engineering Design Certification (where required)
  • Transport

Tony Porter Fabrications Location

Arundel Business Park - Unit 37/8 Distribution Court Arundel QLD 4212